PD-2012 Rare Gas Dryer

PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer

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Release of PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer

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PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer

The PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer is a standalone unit for drying argon or any rare gas: helium, neon, xenon and krypton, in laboratories or on-site in-line between your gas supply and instrument, e.g. Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometers. It offers a compact, mobile and easy to use solution for removing moisture and carbon dioxide where the test is carried out.

PD-2012 drying system contains a molecular sieve drier tube housed in a case with in-situ regeneration feature which makes this solution highly cost effective. Self-sealing plug-in gas connections ensure the user cannot leave the system open to air contamination when it is disconnected from its input gas.

No purging or any system preparation required. Just connect PD-2012 with the input gas and downstream instrument at the point of use, you are up and running instantly.

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