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Find out how simple it is to select the right purifier tubes for your Sircal Rare Gas Purifier.


Release of PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer

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Sircal InstrumentsMP-2000 Features & Benefits

  • Simplicity and Purity – The MP-2000 will remove the impurities, i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and moisture (typically present in the range of 30-50vpm) in commercially available rare gases down to a concentration of less than 1 vpm in total.  
  • Ease of Use – Easy to use self-sealing plug-in gas connections ensure the user cannot leave the purifier open to air contamination when the purifier is disconnected from its feed gas.  
  • Safe to Use – Dual thermocouple temperature control, with remote status indication and fault alarm system.
  • Low Maintenance – Quick-change purifier tubes procedure with its modular design.  
  • Reliability – Built in safeguards against any fluctuations in ambient temperature or surges in electrical supply, offering long term optimum performance and reliability.  
  • Flexibility – Optional pressure sensor interfaces with microcontroller to provide display of system pressure and furnace shut down if the gas supply fails.