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Sircal InstrumentsMP-2000 Principle of Operation

The purification system consists of a furnace in which a titanium getter tube at 680°C removes oxygen and nitrogen by chemical reaction and a copper oxide tube at 450°C removes carbon monoxide, hydrogen and hydrocarbons, again by chemical reaction. Finally, external to the furnace, there is a molecular sieve drier tube operating at ambient temperature which removes moisture and carbon dioxide by physical adsorption. The molecular sieve drier tube can be regenerated in-situ by means of the band heater facility provided.

The furnace temperature is controlled at 700°C by means of a pair of thermocouples which in turn control the amount of power fed to the furnace heater element via a zero switching controller and triac. A supervisory alarm circuit in the unit cuts off the power to the heater element if the temperature of the furnace for any reason rises above 800°C.